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newPut a few tablespoons of hair conditioner in the rinse cycle when washing linen garments. Many people swear it makes their linens more lustrous. And, as linen is a natural fiber, it makes sense!

newAs you prepare to store your winter clothes, remember the two most important rules – DO NOT store clothing in plastic dry cleaner bags and NEVER put clothes away dirty. Moths love to eat organic matter on clothes!

newWashing your holiday finery? Be careful! Make sure to button or zip beaded or sequined garments completely and turn them inside out so that the embellishments are protected. Use the gentle cycle with cold water and a detergent designed for hand washing. Never put sequined garments in the dryer - the beading could melt. The woven garments can be hung to dry, while knitted items should be dried flat.

newUse dryer balls to eliminate static from your clothes. It's safer and better for the environment than dryer sheets.

newIf you're saving some cash by ironing at home instead of sending clothes to the dry cleaners, here are some simple rules regarding clothing fabric: Cotton or silky rayon should be ironed right side up. Polyester, either way. All other items should be ironed inside out.

newPay attention to the surfaces you sit on to avoid clothing pulls. Never sit directly on concrete or unsanded wood, since these surfaces are notorious for creating unsightly pulls.

newDid you know your shampoo and conditioner could multitask? Use them dissolved in lukewarm water to wash your cashmere sweaters.

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