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AdjustaCurl — the last set of rollers you'll ever have to buy! (model # 61128)

The AdjustaCurl™ is like no roller you've ever seen before! It starts out flat and rolls to any size you want, quickly and easily. No matter what your hair length, these rollers can pump up volume right at the roots, create classic curls, add waves or even eliminate them. With tourmaline's ionic technology to reduce static electricity for smooth and shiny results, and a new flat shape that stacks to store for ultimate portability.

For first use only, bend the roller along the red strip, about ¼" from the end. Then bend the end of each tab as close to the tip as possible to create a crease.

How to Roll HOW TO ROLL
Roll to any size from 1½" to about 4". If you need larger rollers, press two together and roll to desired size.

Root Volumizer

Roll 1. Roll
Tightly roll AdjustaCurl roller, then unroll about halfway. Make a zigzag part and lightly spray hair with hairspray.

Place 2. Place
Place the AdjustaCurl roller on hair standing straight up, approximately 3 inches from roots, then slide it back 2 inches. Smooth hair over flat part of roller and roll down together.

Place 3. Repeat
Repeat steps 1 and 2, placing each roller in front or back of the other in the areas where you desire lift. Leave in hair for at least 5 minutes. Gently lift and pull - all rollers slide out together. Use fingers to shape hair at the roots to maximize the volume.

Root Volumizer

Final 1.

Roll AdjustaCurl roller to desired size, spray hair lightly with hairspray and set hair as usual.
Gently remove rollers and style.

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