Body Benefits® Heated Body-Flex® Massager
model: WM200X

    Relax or revive with the powerful vibrating action provided by the Body Flex® Massager. Five massaging surfaces include large head and concentrator knob, plus three textured surfaces to give you a choice of technique. The heat On/Off and Low/High massage power switches make it easy to operate.

  • Powerful vibrating action
  • 5 massaging surfaces: large head, concentrator knob, and 3 textured surfaces
  • Heat On/Off
  • Low/High massage power
  • Body-Flex® multi-position handle
  • 6' line cord
  • Limited one-year warranty
    Suggested Retail: $28.99
    Photo: Body Benefits® Heated Body-Flex® Massager
    Quick Tips

    Do some Spring-cleaning for your body with yoga! The detoxifying legs-up-the-wall pose gets the blood flowing. Sit on one end of a mat against the wall. Lie flat on the mat, and extend your legs up the wall. Keep your legs together and your rear end touching the wall. Rest your hands on your tummy or above your head on the mat. Relax, close your eyes, drop your chin slightly and breathe deeply and slowly. Hold this position for 3-10 minutes.

    More Tips and Techniques
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