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ContourStylers™ Curved Vent Brush
model: 85867
    Dry and style faster! The Conair® ContourStylers™ Curved Vent Brush lets air from your blow-dryer circulate through vents to dry hair fast. Unique curve design contours to the shape of the head, providing extra volume and lift at the roots. Ball-tipped bristles won’t snag or pull, making this the ideal brush to comfortably style any length of hair.

  • Unique contour shape allows for comfortable brushing, adds extra volume and root lift
  • For blow-dry styling of all hair lengths
  • Vents allow airflow to reach hair for faster drying and styling
  • Ball-tipped bristles won’t snag or pull hair
Photo: ContourStylers™ Curved Vent Brush
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  • Photo: ContourStylers™ Curved Vent Brush
  • Photo: ContourStylers™ Curved Vent Brush
  • Photo: ContourStylers™ Curved Vent Brush
Quick Tips

While a hot shower feels good during the cold-weather season, save your scalp by using lukewarm water to wash your hair - hot water strips away natural oils of the scalp that protect the skin from winter dryness.

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