Get Soft Waves or Straight Styles with 1 Tool! (model # CS54)

Create today's best looks with this two-in-one styler. It's a traditional flat iron that takes hair straight. And it's got a curved edge to let you add curls and waves with the flick of a wrist. Go straight. Or go Straight to the Curl! You decide. You Style!

To Style Hair
Getting Started
You Style
Creating Curls

To Style Hair
  1. Hair should be clean and completely dry before using the 2-in-1 styling iron. Plug the iron into an electrical outlet. Turn on unit. The Power/Low 285°F setting will become illuminated. LED light will blink till optimum plate temperature is reached.
  2. To turn off, press Off button (light will go off). Never leave your 2-in-1 styling iron on and unattended. However, should you fail to turn the unit off, it will shut itself off automatically within 60 minutes.

WARNING: The 2-in-1 styling iron's Nano Tourmaline Ceramic-coated plates will get very hot within a few seconds. The side cooling plates can become warm, and should not be placed in contact with the skin after the 2-in-1 styling iron has been turned on.

Getting Started
  1. The iron's unique three high-heat temperature settings and Instant Heat technology provide styling versatility for all hair types.
  2. If you have fine hair, a low temperature will provide the best results.
  3. If you have thick, wavy or hard-to-style hair, keep the heat setting on high. You can vary the iron's temperature according to your particular need!
  1. Start with a hair section that is 1" wide and no more than ½" thick.
  2. Open the iron and place a hair section between the two hot plates, close to the scalp.
  3. Trap hair between the plates by firmly squeezing the handles together. While maintaining the tension, slowly pull the unit down along the hair section toward the ends of hair. For best results, use a light styling product before blow-drying hair.
  4. At the end of hair section, release the pressure on the handle and allow the hair section to slide out.
  5. Repeat process on additional sections of hair until you achieve the hair style you desire. It may be necessary to repeat process on certain areas, depending on the texture of your hair.
You Style

The new You Style uses revolutionary technology that creates fast, easy curls in a single stroke, making curling as easy as straightening, and producing beautiful, modern curls.

Creating Curls
  1. Set temperature at the low setting.
  2. Separate a section of hairSeparate a section of hair. The smaller the section, the more defined the curl; the larger the section, the looser the curl or wave. For best results, the section should be no more than 1" wide.
  3. Take a section of hairTake a section of hair and slide the You Style unit into the hair at the roots, ensuring that the side curved cooling plates are facing towards the head, and close the plates together.
  4. Turn the You StyleTurn the You Style unit 180° downward, so that the side curved curling plates are facing outwards.
  5. Use the easy-grip cool tipsFor extra control, use the easy-grip cool tips at the end of the appliance.
  6. Slowly glide the You Style along the length of the hairSlowly glide the You Style unit along the length of the hair from root to tip in an outward motion.
  7. Release the You Style unit from the hair.
  8. To ensure the curl sits neatly in placeTo ensure the curl sits neatly in place, take the end of the section you have just curled and turn 180° in the direction of the curl.
  9. Repeat as necessary.
    Some experience is necessary when learning to use this 2-in-1 styling tool. After using the iron several times, you will learn the ideal way to straighten and style your hair.
Straightening with the New Nano Tourmaline Ceramic-Coated Plates
  1. Your new 2-in-1 styling tool has nano tourmaline-infused ceramic-coated plates, the latest in technological advances. The crushed tourmaline jewels provide natural ionic and infrared benefits and, combined with ceramic technology, produce the ultimate in healthy, shiny, silky hair. The Tourmaline Ceramic™ surface also helps smooth down flyaways and frizzies. As you smooth your hair, heat is evenly distributed so that the style you create has a salon-perfect, silky smooth finish. Hair also slips right through the plates after it's straightened.
  2. The new Nano Tourmaline Ceramic technology is a pleasure to work with, makes styling your hair easier and provides more professional results.
  3. You'll find not only that hair glides easily over the surface of the plates as you're straightening, but it's simpler to clean styling product residue, etc. off after each use.
Using Instant Heat, the High Heat Temperature Settings and Uniform Heat Recovery System
  1. This styling iron features a ceramic heater that maintains temperature during use for precision styling. It heats up to the temperature you've selected for your hair type.
  2. This Instant Heat technology has three high-heat temperature settings. There is a temperature range that's gentle and safe for every type of hair, from the finest to the curliest and most resistant, to help you create the look you want. And that's not all. Conair's professional salon standards of engineering provide you with a uniform and improved heat recovery system that maintains the iron at a constant temperature. There is a constant surge of power to ensure that heat is continuously and quickly delivered for optimal styling results, unlike other units that lose heat during use. This provides consistent styling power so that every strand of your hair is set with the same level of heat and comes out the same way for a perfect finish.
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