Hi•Styles® (model # 55572)
    Transition from day to glamorous night with the Hi•Styles® insert from Conair. It's the natural-looking styler that builds hair volume for trendy lift and dramatic style. The Hi•Styles insert works on all types of hair, is easy to use, and lets you change your look with confidence and ease. Step-by-step instructions help you transform your hairstyle, letting you put lift exactly where you need it most. Go from flat and drab to gorgeous and glamorous in no time at all.

    Step 1
    Lift a 2" deep section of hair from the crown of the head, parting from ear to ear. Brush the section upward and tease to a height of about 3".

    Next, slide the Hi•Styles® insert onto your scalp, right behind the part.

    Step 2
    Pull the teased section of hair up and back over the insert to hold it securely in place. Spray hair with medium-hold hairspray.

    Step 3
    Spread hair evenly over the Hi•Styles® insert, making sure to cover it completely. Finish with firm-hold hairspray for all-day volume.

    Step 4
    It's never been so easy to create volume and lift!

    *To remove, do not tug or pull on the insert. Detach gently to avoid damage to hair.
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