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Mega Styler® Porcupine Round Brush
model: 85901
    Pick up a blow-dryer brush that’s designed for speed! Conair’s Mega Styler® Porcupine Round Brush features an extra-long vented barrel to dry larger sections of hair faster. The combination of boar and nylon bristles is perfect for all hair types, and distributes scalp’s natural oils to leave hair silky and shiny.


  • Extra-long vented barrel for styling larger sections of hair in less time
  • Combination of boar and nylon bristles distributes scalp's own oils to smooth and add shine
  • Smooth & straighten or create soft waves
  • Non-slip grip on handle for easy handling
Photo: Mega Styler® Porcupine Round Brush
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  • Photo: Mega Styler® Porcupine Round Brush
  • Photo: Mega Styler® Porcupine Round Brush
Quick Tips

A very “now” look is to have a texturized feel and look to your hair. Go for a cut with lots of movement and layers, and try a drying sort of product to give your hair that “grit” without the reality of unwashed tresses. A good product to use is one that mimics the effect of saltwater. Look for “a day at the beach” type of spray that provides that great texture you get from a real swim in the ocean.

More Tips and Techniques
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