Multi Styler (model # 55678, 55682)
Check out these helpful tips on how to use your Conair® Multi Styler. No matter what length or type of hair you have, these simple suggestions will ensure your bun, French twist, or Hollywood roll looks perfect and stays in place all day.
French Twist   French Twist
  • Brush hair to one side.
  • Hold the Multi Styler open in a vertical position about 1 inch from the ends of your hair.
  • Roll the Multi Styler toward the center of your head, tucking in stray hairs as you go.
  • Secure the Multi Styler with the hairpins or bobby pins included in the styling kit.
  • Spread hair around the Multi Styler to cover it completely with your hair.

  • Hollywood Roll   Hollywood Roll
  • Position the open Multi Styler horizontally about 1 inch from the bottom of your hair.
  • Roll the Multi Styler upwards, tucking in stray hairs as you roll.
  • Starting at the center, bend the Multi Styler to the curve of your neck while using hairpins or bobby pins to fix the Multi Styler firmly in place.
  • Cover the Multi Styler with your hair at both ends of your glamorous roll.

  • Bun   Bun
  • Snap the ends of the Multi Styler together to create a doughnut-shaped bun maker.
  • Bring hair up into a ponytail and secure with a no damage® hair elastic from the kit.
  • Push your ponytail through the doughnut hole until the bun maker covers the elastic band.
  • Find the center of your ponytail and spread hair out to cover the Multi Styler.
  • With one hand on the center of your bun, wind your hair in a circular motion around the Multi Styler. Work your way around, keeping the bun tight and securing sections with hairpins or bobby pins until the Multi Styler is completely hidden.
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