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Pompadour Comb - the simple secret behind one hot hairstyle
(model # 61128)

Want to make a big style statement? Pump your hair up with a pompadour. Sophisticated or playful, pompadours are everywhere now- on celebs, runways, and magazines. Hair is swept up short on the sides and piled high on top in a fabulous pouf or roll. A pompadour is brilliant with an updo, or you can leave your hair loose. Get your pompadour on in three minutes or less with the Pompadour Comb - for lift and shape that stays in place all day.

Step 1 1. Start with dry hair. With a tail comb make a horizontal part about 1.5" from your forehead.

Step 2 2. Lightly spritz front section of hair with a texturizer and gently tease the roots.

Step 3 3. Hold the teased section taut and bring it forward. Secure the Pompadour Comb by placing it slightly in front of the parted section with the teeth toward the back of your head.

Step 4 4. Cover the Pompadour Comb with the section of teased hair. Pin the hair with a bobby pin or two.

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