general questions
 How do I contact Conair® customer service?  View Details
 Where are your service centers located?  View Details
 Where do I find the model number of my appliance?  View Details
 My appliance is no longer under warranty. Can I still get it repaired?  View Details
 Where can I buy accessories and replacement parts?  View Details
 What is the warranty on personal care appliances?  View Details
 I saw a Conair® product advertised but can't find it in my store. How do I get it?  View Details
 My appliance is not dual voltage. Can I still use it abroad?  View Details
 Do your products contain asbestos?  View Details
  hair care
 My styling appliance fell into the water. What do I do?  View Details
 How can I tell if my styling appliance is dual voltage?  View Details
 What is a high torque DC motor?  View Details
 What is an AC motor?  View Details
 What is ceramic heat?  View Details
 What is ionic technology?  View Details
 What is multi-setting?  View Details
 What is tourmaline ceramic?  View Details
 Why nano silver tourmaline ceramic?  View Details
 Can I use my curling iron abroad?  View Details
 What kind of diffuser can I use with my dryer?  View Details
 How long should my hair be to use the QuickBraid?  View Details
 How does the "Cool Shot" work?  View Details
 Please explain the safety plug and how it functions.  View Details
 If my hair dryer has a Hi/Low switch, how do I get 2 heat levels and 2 speeds?  View Details
 How can I prolong the life of my hair dryer?  View Details
 How do I reset the dryer?  View Details
  personal grooming
 Why is it necessary to oil the blades of my haircutting kit?  View Details
 How do I adjust the power screw on my hair clipper?  View Details
  garment & home care
 Can I use the garment steamer for delicate fabrics?  View Details
  health & wellness
 I have a medical condition. Is it safe to use a massager?  View Details
  interplak oral care
 Where do I find replacement Interplak® brush heads?  View Details
 How do I know which brush head will fit my Interplak®?  View Details
 How long should I use my Interplak® brush head?  View Details
 What type of toothpaste should I use with my Interplak® toothbrush?  View Details
 Can I still get an Interplak® NT or Kids model?  View Details
  styling tools
 How do I use the Spin Air Brush and what happens if my hair gets tangled in the brush.  View Details
 My unit fell in the water. What do I do?  View Details
 Is my unit dual voltage?  View Details
  hair dryers
 How can I make my hair shinier?  View Details
 Do I have to towel-dry my hair or can I blow it dry straight out of the shower?  View Details
 When I blow-dry, my hair comes out frizzy. How do I make it smoother?  View Details
 When I blow-dry, my hair ends up with too much volume. What can I do?  View Details
 How do I add volume to my hair while I’m drying?  View Details
 How do I prolong the life of my dryer?  View Details
  hair styling irons
 Should my curling iron or straightener be used on wet or dry hair?  View Details
 Will the ThermaCELL® cartridge evaporate or expire?  View Details
 Can I take my curling or flat iron on a plane?  View Details
 How do I get maximum volume when I use my Spin Air Brush?  View Details
 Should my hair be wet or dry before using the Spin Air Brush?  View Details
 How do I use the Spin Air Brush and what happens if my hair gets tangled in the brush?  View Details
  hot rollers / hairsetters
 My hair is naturally straight. Do I have to do anything special after I take out the hot rollers to achieve the best results?  View Details
 Can I use hot rollers on curly hair?  View Details
 How long should I keep the rollers in my hair?  View Details
 Are the rollers and clips hot to the touch?  View Details
 Are hot rollers easy to use?  View Details
 How can I make the curls from my hot rollers last longer?  View Details
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