Retractable Bristle Brush – Small
model: 85541
    Get all the benefits of a round brush, without the tangles, with the Conair® Retractable Bristle Brush. Patented bristles retract so they do not get tangled in the hair.
  • For blow-dry styling
  • Tourmaline – 100% crushed gemstones release natural IONS for intense shine
  • IONS – help flatten hair's cuticle layer to increase shine and reduce frizz
  • Smooth and straighten coarse, curly or wavy hair
  • Create soft waves or curls
  • Add body and fullness

    Special Features:
  • All the benefits of a round brush without the worry of tangles
  • Patented retractable bristles retract into barrel, instantly releasing hair to eliminate tangles when styling
  • Easy to use – rotate base to release bristles; press button to retract bristles
  • Easy to clean – hair comes off brush when bristles retract into barrel
  • Convenient for travel – retracting the bristles protects them from damage
Photo: Retractable Bristle Brush – Small
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  • Photo: Retractable Bristle Brush – Small
  • Photo: Retractable Bristle Brush – Small
Quick Tips

In a rush? Want a polished look? If your hair is long pull it back into a sleek low riding ponytail. Short hair? A stylish headband or scarf will do the trick.

More Tips and Techniques
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