At Home Dental Care:
The Interplak
® Water Jet (model # WJ7B)

The Interplak® Water Jet (model # WJ7B) enhances oral hygiene and significantly contributes to healthy gums when used as part of a responsible oral health management program. It is particularly effective at cleaning around orthodontic appliances, fixed and removable bridge work, implants and splints, and it provides valuable gum massage with every use.

Remember: Oral irrigation is a supplement to, not a substitute for, your oral hygiene routine. Ask your dental health care provider to advise you on how the Water Jet can most effectively meet your specific oral needs.


Instructions for Use

Medical Warning (for your safety)

*Due to continuing improvements to our products, pictures may differ slightly from actual product.


To remove trapped air upon initial operation, turn the rotary flow control from #7 to #1 three times. Remove the water reservoir and fill with lukewarm water. Reinstall the reservoir firmly onto the unit.

Prior to initial use the unit should be rinsed by letting a full reservoir of water pass through it. If the unit is to be used with a mouthwash solution, it should be rinsed with clean water after each use to remove any traces of mouthwash. If the unit has not been used for a long period of time, for reasons of hygiene it is advisable to follow the directions for initial use, letting a full reservoir of water pass through.

Prior to filling the water reservoir make sure water tip is firmly placed on and in the stand.

The Water Jet is supplied with 5 attachments. Remove the nozzle support and install selected tip.

Standard Tip (2pcs): removes trapped particles from between teeth.

Subgingival Tip (1 pc): uses a soft rubber tip to massage the gums and safely deliver solution into the gingival pockets below the gumline.

Brush Head Tip (1 pc): Loosens debris and larger food particles before flushing them away — ideal for all dental work, including fixed and removable appliances.

Tongue Cleaner (1 pc): place the tongue cleaner at farthest end of tongue and move forward. Repeat to cover entire tongue.

After switching on the unit the rotary flow control can be used to regulate the water pressure. You should begin with the lowest setting so that your gums can become accustomed to the water jet.

Press the water-stop button and, after switching on the unit, place the nozzle in your mouth and lean over the sink. When you release the water-stop button, the cleaning and massage process is begun.

The direction of the water jet in your mouth can be controlled by turning the knurled ring on the slip-on nozzle. Keep your mouth slightly open and hold your elbow at mouth level so that the water can run back into the sink. Direct the water jet toward your teeth, especially between your teeth, in order to rinse away stubborn remaining food. This also massages your gums.

Do not point the water jet directly toward your gums; point between your teeth to prevent damage to delicate gum areas.

MEDICAL WARNING (for your safety)

If you have had oral or periodontal surgery in the previous twelve months, contact your dentist prior to use.

When you start any new oral hygiene program, your gums initially may bleed slightly. Contact your dentist if excessive bleeding occurs or if bleeding continues after two weeks of use.

Be sure that only the water jet nozzle touches your teeth and gums. Damage to teeth and gums may occur if any other part of the unit touches them.

This product is designed for oral cleaning only. DO NOT use the unit for any other purpose.

As with any other new oral hygiene program, individuals with heart problems should check with their physician prior to using the Interplak® Dental Water Jet, and should always exercise particular care with any oral hygiene device.

The Interplak® Dental Water Jet is a personal care unit and is intended for household use only.

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