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ThermaLuxe™ Massaging Heating Pad
model: HP08T
  • Soothing heat and relaxing massage
  • 5 different combinations of settings
  • Ergonomic remote has custom controls to activate heat and massage settings independently
  • Extra large to relieve multiple muscle groups
  • Velcro straps provide storage and travel convenience
  • Limited five-year warranty
Suggested Retail: $44.99
Photo: ThermaLuxe™ Massaging Heating Pad
Quick Tips

Essential oils can enhance your home spa experience, but should never be applied directly to the skin. Dilute by adding 2-4 ounces of carrier oil (jojoba, calendula, or sweet almond) to 1-4 drops of essential oil, then add oils to bath.

More Tips and Techniques
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