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Twin Trim Nose and Ear Trimmer
model: NE1

    Keep unsightly nose and ear hair at bay with the Twin Trim system from Conair.  The twin blades offer exceptional precision and power, and there is a built-in light for accuracy.

  • Twin blades for 2x the precision and 2x the cutting power
  • Built-in light for hard-to-reach areas
  • Rinsable 
  • Battery-operated (one AA battery, not included)
Suggested Retail: $14.99
Photo: Twin Trim Nose and Ear Trimmer
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  • Photo: Twin Trim Nose and Ear Trimmer
Quick Tips

Prepare for an electric shave by softening beard with warm water, soaking it with a hot wash cloth, patting it dry, and dusting it with talcum powder.

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