10 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Safer

  • Use slip-resistant decals in the tub and rubber-based bathmats on the floor to protect against slips and falls.

  • Don't store toxic cleaning supplies under the sink in reach of children. If you do, make sure cabinets have child-proof locks.

  • Children can drown in very small amounts of water. Never leave children unattended in the bathroom and if you can, install a lock on the outside of the bathroom door, above the child's reach, and keep it locked when not in use.

  • If there are older people in your home, a bath or shower seat in the tub will increase comfort and safety.

  • Benches and seats will also provide a stable surface for shaving legs.

  • Set your water heater to no higher than 120°F to avoid getting scalded.

  • Install grab bars in the shower/bath.

  • Put in a nightlight – preferably one that illuminates the entire floor.

  • Install a faucet cover to protect children from bumping their heads while bathing.

  • Keep all hairdryers, styling irons and electric shavers unplugged and away from water sources.

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