How to Change a Showerhead

  • First assemble everything that you'll need: new showerhead, Teflon® or plumber's tape (available at your local hardware store), adjustable wrench.

  • Next, turn off the water. You don't want to get drenched while working.

  • Now get ready to remove the old showerhead. Open your wrench wide enough to grip the notch and turn counter-clockwise a few times. (Remember the old saying: righty tighty, lefty-loosey?) Once it is loose enough, just finish unscrewing by hand.

  • If there is any dirt, old plumber's tape or rubber gaskets, remove it.

  • Next, wrap the threads of the pipe with a few layers of plumber's tape. It isn't super sticky, but it will adhere to the threads. Smooth out the tape with your fingers.

  • Install the replacement showerhead by hand, unless the instructions state otherwise. Turn clockwise and do not overtighten.

  • Check for leaks, and if there are none, you're finished! If there are, just tighten a little more.

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