Create Perfect Curls

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  • Getting Started
    • Comb through clean, dry hair so it is smooth and free of tangles
    • Work with 1/2 in. – 1 in. sections (longer hair requires smaller sections)
    • Wait for red blinking light to remain solid before starting
    • IMPORTANT: Ensure the opening of the curl chamber is always facing toward your head
  • Wait for red temperature light to stop blinking. Light blinks during heat-up; remains solid when temperature is reached and unit is ready to curl.

  • Position hair in unit with curl chamber towards head. With curl chamber opening facing head, place a ½- to 1-inch section of hair into "V" hair guide.

  • Close handles. Hair goes in. Hair is automatically drawn into the curl chamber, heated, held and timed. Steady beeps indicate curl is forming.

  • Open handles. Curls come out! When a rapid succession of beeps sounds, your curl is ready! Open handles to release a perfect, shiny curl. Hair goes in. Curl comes out.™

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