Diamond Ceramic Thermal Brush


Vented for fast blow-dry styling!

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Diamond Ceramic Thermal Brush
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  • Diamond-infused ceramic technology for a salon finish
  • Heat from blow-dryer activates the brush’s diamond-infused ceramic
  • Achieve luxurious shine and smooth, healthy-looking hair
  • Soft, flexible bristles help to gently detangle hair
  • Boar and nylon bristles distribute scalp’s own oils to leave hair silky and shiny
  • Vents allows more air from blow-dryer to reach hair to style fast
Diamond Ceramic brushes feature diamond-infused ceramic technology for a salon-perfect finish. Heat from the blow-dryer activates the brush’s ceramic technology, leaving hair luxuriously smooth, shiny, and healthy looking. The Thermal Brush has vents that allow more air to reach hair for fast drying and styling. Great for straightening or curling hair!

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