Volumizing Diffuser


Fits most hair dryers.

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Volumizing Diffuser
  • Volumizing diffuser for curly or wavy styles
  • Diffuser lifts hair with its "fingers" while gently drying hair
  • Fits most hair dryers
  • Superior to heat lamps – more efficient, fast drying

Dry your hair and keep your curls with this volumizing diffuser. This attachment helps diffuse the air coming from the hair dryer, allowing you to gently dry your hair while adding volume and waves.

Fits the following Conair models:
070RN, 209BCN/BCX, 223RX, 225RX, 229N, 247VHN, 256N/NR, 259 (All), 261N/RN, 294 (All), 359N/UT, 650/UT, 750

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