Jumbo Rollers with Clip Storage


Includes 12, 1½-inch flocked ceramic rollers.

Jumbo Rollers with Clip Storage
  • Ceramic-infused technology for gentle, even heat
  • Instant Heat setter heats rollers
  • Fast heat-up
  • 12 jumbo (1½-inch) rollers
  • Twice the flocking of competitors’ rollers, delivering more heat protection for all hair types
  • 12 clips for a secure and strong hold
  • Clips store on rails for easy access and convenience

Our Jumbo Rollers heat up fast, using Ceramic-infused technology for consistent heat. The Ceramic-infused technology distributes gentle, even heat with flocking that provides twice the heat protection. The 12 curlers are a jumbo-sized inch and a half, making waves with beautiful, bouncy curls.

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