Jumbo and Super-Jumbo Hot Rollers


85-second heat-up for voluminous styles.

Jumbo and Super-Jumbo Hot Rollers
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  • 85-second, fast heat-up
  • Ceramic-infused technology – for heat transfer and long-lasting curls
  • More heat protection with twice the flocking of competitive products
  • Includes 12 multi-size rollers: 
    • 4 super-jumbo rollers (1¾-inch)
    • 8 jumbo rollers (1½-inch)
  • Wire clips for a secure hold


The ceramic flocked jumbo and super jumbo rollers in this 12-piece hairsetter heat quickly for a natural, high-powered shine and voluminous curls and waves. Flocked rollers are infused with Ceramic technology to provide consistently even heat transfer for long-lasting curls. With a dozen rollers that come in jumbo and super jumbo sizes, you can create big, bouncy salon-style curls.

Limited One-Year Warranty

Parts and Accessories Available

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