Curls 'n Curls 1-inch Curling Iron


For medium, bouncy, long-lasting curls.

Curls 'n Curls 1-inch Curling Iron
  • Main image of Curls 'n Curls 1-inch Curling Iron
  • 1-inch barrel for medium, bouncy, long-lasting curls
  • Pearlized handle
  • Automatic curl release
  • Cool tip
  • Ready dot

Get beautiful shiny curls with our classic curling iron. An anodized aluminum barrel, pearlized handle, automatic curl release and cool tip make this curling iron the perfect choice for creating beautiful, long-lasting curls. With its ergonomic handle for fast, effortless styling, it is the hands-down simplest solution for styling hair.

Size: 1-inch barrel
Technology: Anodized Aluminum
Warranty: Limited 1-Year

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