Static Minimizer All-Purpose Brush

Say goodbye to flyaway hair with the Static Minimizer Brush from Conair®.
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Static Minimizer All-Purpose Brush
  • Innovative, antistatic bristle-and-yarn technology helps to control flyaway hair
  • Vents allow airflow from blow-dryer to reach hair for fast drying and styling
  • Use to brush and smooth hair or for blow-dry styling
  • For best results, keep your finger on the metal strip while styling to reduce the static
This All-Purpose brush uses innovative, antistatic bristle-and-yarn technology with metal strip on handle to reduce static by up to 80%* and helps keep hair under control! The vents allow airflow from the dryer to reach hair directly for fast drying and styling.

*Static is reduced up to 80% compared to brushes without antistatic bristle-and-yarn technology and metal strip on handle.

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