John Frieda®

Boar Bristle Porcupine Cushion Brush

Transform your hair!
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Boar Bristle Porcupine Cushion Brush
  • Advanced Ionic and Ceramic Technology reduces frizz, adds shine, evenly distributes heat from blow-dryer
  • Nylon and boar bristles distribute scalp’s own oils to leave hair silky & shiny
  • Flexible cushion base allows for gentle detangling of wet or dry hair
  • Elegant hardwood, professional quality
  • Nonslip grip provides comfort & control
For over 20 years, the John Frieda® haircare experts have been defining style. Now the leader in transformational haircare has helped inspire a line of professional brushes to transform your hair. This Boar Bristle Cushion Brush provides a smooth finish.

You define your look. We define your hair.

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