Quick® Smooth Detangling Cushion

Detangle and de-poof at the same time!
Quick® Smooth Detangling Cushion
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• Instantly turn poofy hair smooth and shiny with the revolutionary De-Poof Shine™ Cushion Brush
• The soft, micro-looped smoothing surface significantly smoothes and perfectly aligns hair
• The soft, flexible, ball-tipped bristles easily glide through, to finish with ease
• Use as a finishing brush after you blow-dry or for quick touch-ups anytime
• Get the look you love—smooth, shiny, and healthy-looking hair
If your hair is prone to the poofy hair phenomenon – growing larger throughout the day, becoming frizzy, and even unruly – Conair has the perfect no-heat, de-poofing solution to let you take control of your hair. The Conair® Quick® Smooth Brush Collection’s revolutionary De-Poof Shine™ Cushion, with a soft, micro-loop fabric, helps to smooth down and add shine to poofy hair. The Detangling Cushion Brush features soft, flexible, ball-tipped bristles to perfectly finish all your favorite styles, gently gliding through hair with the greatest of ease. Smooth, shiny, healthy-looking hair is here!