Insta-Comfort™ Cushion Brush

Detangle hair and get a scalp massage at the same time!
Insta-Comfort™ Cushion Brush
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  • Soft Airflex™ cushion provides a light massage as you brush
  • Cushion flexes to gently detangle wet or dry hair
  • Smooth, ball-tipped bristles glide through hair without pulling
  • The ideal brush for sensitive scalps
Treat your hair and scalp to a spa experience every time you brush! Conair® Insta-Comfort™  brushes gently detangle wet or dry hair. The Cushion Brush features the ultra-soft Airflex™ cushion, ideal for even the most sensitive scalps. The flexible cushion and smooth, ball-tipped bristles gently detangle wet or dry hair without pulling. Enjoy the ultimate comfort and a light scalp massage every time you brush!