The Knot Dr. for Conair

Knot Dr. Pro Mini Blue

Painless Detangler. Ready to Travel!
Knot Dr. Pro Mini Blue
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• Optimum Flexalite™ bristle count for painless detangling
• Extra-large bristle tips gently massage scalp
• Heat-resistant design – blow-dryer friendly
• Perfect size for gym or travel
The Knot Dr. is in, with mid-size hair brushes that get the tangles out! These mini wet or dry hair brushes operate on knots with full-size detangling power. Their 112 Flexalite™ bristles are just the right number and spaced just the right way to smooth out knots and tangles without pulling. Blow-dryer friendly, with a comfortable, soft-touch finish, each hair brush is the ideal size for travel, ready to perform precision knot surgery anywhere!