Diamond Ceramic Triangle Round Brush

3-in-1 styling!
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Diamond Ceramic Triangle Round Brush
  • Diamond-infused ceramic technology for a salon finish
  • Heat from blow-dryer activates the brush’s diamond-infused ceramic
  • Achieve luxurious shine and smooth, healthy-looking hair
  • 3-in-1 advantage: detangle, lift and shine
  • Three types of bristles on the three sides of brush: nylon, porcupine and 100% boar
  • Ideal for all hair types, lengths and styles
Diamond-infused ceramic technology delivers a salon-perfect finish, with heat from the blow-dryer activating the brush’s ceramic technology. Leaves hair luxuriously smooth, shiny, and healthy looking. The Triangle Brush has different bristles on each side to provide 3-in-1 styling. One brush that does it all: detangles, lifts and shines.

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