Rechargeable Compact LED-Lighted Mirror


Stay on-the-go gorgeous with this illuminated compact.

Rechargeable Compact LED-Lighted Mirror
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  • Up to 3 Hours of On-the-Go Runtime: With a fully charged battery, the LED light shines steady and bright for up to 3 hours, so you’re never lost in the dark.
  • 1x/3x Spot Magnification: Dual mirrors let you see yourself with a standard view or zoom in with 3x spot magnification to capture the fine details.
  • Lifetime LED Technology: The advanced LED bulb is designed to last a lifetime, so the light will never dim, burn out, or die. No replacement needed.
  • Easy On/Off Function: Press on. Press off. It’s that simple!
  • USB Charging Cable: Charge the light at home or on the go with the USB cable that’s included with the mirror. Plugs into any USB wall or travel charger and keeps the light charged and ready for use.

Free yourself from clunky corded mirrors and stay gorgeous anywhere you go with this rechargeable beauty essential. Shine a light on your looks no matter where you are with the convenience of the Rechargeable Compact LED Lighted Mirror from the Unbound® collection by Conair®.

With the touch of a button, your face is bathed in light cast evenly from a ring set around the mirror. Reveal the most minute facial details as you apply or touch up cosmetics, tweeze fine hairs, put in contacts, check your hair, or perform any task that requires a close look and clear view. Designed with the latest advances in LED technology, the built-in light provides a boost of brightness that’s made to last a lifetime, so dimming, burned out, and dead bulbs that need replacing are finally a thing of the past. With a battery that’s fully charged, you can now rely on light that’s ready to shine whenever you are!

The easy-to-use USB cable is included so you can keep the battery charged no matter where you are. Simply plug the portable cable into any USB wall charger, computer port, or car adapter to give the light a boost. The fully charged battery will power the LED light for up to 3 hours, so it’s always ready to shine no matter how often you check your look or how long you take to create your style. (Note: Before your first use, completely charge the battery overnight.) 

The compact mirror also offers dual magnification, giving you the option of a 1x standard view to see your features in their actual size or 3x reflection that zooms in on the finer details of skin and hair. Partnered with the LED light ring, close-ups are made brighter and offer greater clarity.

Perfect for travel, the contoured compact mirror is shaped to slide right into a bag and small enough to save space and be unobtrusive. The outer casing and hinged, snap-to-close lid are crafted from durable plastic that protects the light and mirror from damage and scratching, and the tapered edge fits just right in the hand for a slip-free hold. For an illuminated reflection you can take anywhere and use day or night, the lighted mirror is the ideal beauty companion.

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