True Glow™

True Glow® Rechargeable Callus Softener

Whisks away dead skin cells and dirt, leaving nothing but softness behind!
True Glow® Rechargeable Callus Softener
  • Two attachments gently smooth away calluses and rough, dry skin
  • Coarse Callus Softener buffs and smooths hard, dry skin
  • Fine Callus Softener polishes and softens skin
  • Unique 360-degree roller brush design
  • Two speeds
  • Gentle on skin and easy to use
  • Fully rechargeable: charger included for cord-free convenience
  • Water resistant
Get professional results with a spa experience you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home. The True Glow® Footcare Solutions Rechargeable Callus Softener quickly smoothes and softens your feet, transforming skin from rough and dry to soft and silky. Now it's easy to put your best foot forward, every day!

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