InfinitiPRO by ConairĀ®

Hydro-Detangler & Showerhead

Triple-threat showerhead!
Hydro-Detangler & Showerhead
  • Massage, detangle and rinse hair at the same time
  • Soft, massaging, wide-set teeth easily and gently glide through wet hair
  • Full-coverage spray
  • Wall mount has 5 different settings
    • full body, aeration, pause, full body/jet massage combo, pulsating massage
  • 2-way diverter valve switches spray from detangler to wall mount to use detangler without water to massage and brush conditioner through hair
  • Click & Set dial control on wall mount
  • Rated service flow: 1.8 gallons per minute
  • Wall mount is WaterSense® compliant
  • Chrome finish
  • Stainless steel 5-foot hose
  • Secure, leakproof connection
The Conair® Hydro-Detangler & Showerhead makes it easy to manage unmanageable hair, right in the shower. This ingenious dual showerhead massages the scalp, detangles and rinses hair all at the same time! The wide-set teeth easily and gently glide through wet hair. Great for regular showers, too!