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Roll Up Teak Mat

Step onto comfort and safety.
Roll Up Teak Mat
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  • Solid teak construction
  • Naturally resistant to moisture and humidity
  • Lightly coated with mineral oil to provide a beautiful finish
  • Vented and ribbed for comfortable, slip-free footing
  • Rolls up easily for convenient storage
  • Can be used in shower or out of shower
  • Dimensions of product out of box (27.5 in. L x 19.5 in. W; 70 cm L x 49.5 cm W)
The Conair Home Roll-Up Teak Mat is a highly portable bath mat! Made of solid teak, it resists moisture and humidity, and is vented for slip-free footing. Just roll it up to store, and use it in or out of the shower. The elegant styling adds an upscale touch wherever you put it!