Travel SmartĀ® by Conair

Quilted Jewelry Organizer

Multiple compartments and a detachable zip pack.
Quilted Jewelry Organizer
  • Stores, protects and organizes jewelry
  • Allows easy access to jewelry
  • Compact to fit in carry-on or purse
  • Multiple compartments
  • Soft quilted outer shell
  • Plum zip pack attached inside
This smart-looking jewelry organizer is a brilliant travel case, storing, protecting and carrying your jewelry on trips. It features a soft quilted outer shell with plum piping, multiple compartments, and a detachable plum zip pack. The interior clasps hold long and short necklaces in place while the pockets keep them from getting tangled. Earrings, rings and other jewelry items will find a place to stay in the multiple storage compartments.

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