Ivory Ella® by Conair

Elephant Luggage Tag


Spot your bag instantly with this colorful ID tag

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Elephant Luggage Tag
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  • ID card included
  • Flap protects information
  • Can be used on backpacks, luggage, sports bags and more
This eye-catching elephant luggage tag has a bold diamond-mosaic print in pink and blue that provides a pop of personality and visibility to any bag, so you can easily spot it from a distance. A secure loop with a metal buckle secures around your favorite backpack, duffle, luggage, or purse and stays put until you remove it. For convenience and added security, a blank ID card is provided for your return details, and is kept safe and concealed by a protective flap. Ivory Ella® donates 10% of net profits to Save the Elephants and other charitable causes.