Travel Smart® by Conair

50-Watt International Transformer

Safely use most chargers and appliances while traveling overseas.
50-Watt International Transformer
  • Adapter plug type(s): 220
  • For overseas use with 0–50 watt 110/120V
  • Safe for battery chargers, portable electronic devices, cell phones, electric shavers, etc.
  • Allows 110/120V U.S. appliances to work on 220/240V foreign electricity
  • Safe for long-term use/charge with appliances rated 0–35 watts
  • Thermal fuse provides temperature protection
The Travel Smart® 50-Watt International Transformer is perfect for long-term use while you’re overseas. It’s safe for most of your electronics, including chargers and 0-35 watt personal care appliances. Allows 110/120 volt U.S. appliances to work on 220/240 volt foreign electricity.

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