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Hi/Low 1875-Watt Converter & Adapter Set

Converts 220V foreign electricity to 110V.
Hi/Low 1875-Watt Converter & Adapter Set
  • Adapter plug type(s): 220
  • Dual wattage converter changes 220V foreign electricity to 110V
  • Hi/Low selector switch
  • Low setting: 0–25 watts for shavers, battery chargers, etc.
  • High setting: 26–1875 watts for irons, hair dryers, etc.
  • Set includes 5 adapter plugs and zippered travel pouch
This dual wattage converter changes 220V foreign electricity to 110V easily and quickly. The power selector switch can be set to low or high to produce the correct wattage for your personal devices and electrical appliances. The low setting generates 0–25 watts suitable for shavers, battery chargers, toothbrushes and other small electrical devices. The high setting produces 26–1875 watts to power irons, hair dryers and other appliances. This versatile set includes five clearly labeled adapter plugs that can be stored in the travel pouch that comes with it.

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