Ivory Ella® by Conair

Patterned Headband


Highlight your hair with a stylish, patterned band

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Patterned Headband
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  • Detail of Patterned Headband
  • Stretchy and easy to glide over your head to smooth your hair back
  • Perfect for both the beach and the gym
  • Hand-wash with cool water

Hold down your hair in impeccable style with Ivory Ella® by Conair’s signature pink and navy blue headband designed with a distinctive diamond-mosaic pattern. Color and shape intertwine for a trendy vibe that makes a bold statement over any hair color. The soft, wide band smoothes and holds hair, staying securely in place, so it’s perfect for the beach or gym. Washes easily in cool water.  Ivory Ella® donates 10% of net profits to Save the Elephants and other charitable causes.