Travel SmartĀ® by Conair

Analog Ascending-Volume Travel Alarm Clock - Teal

Accurate with an easy-to-read analog display.
Analog Ascending-Volume Travel Alarm Clock - Teal
  • Precise quartz movement
  • Ascending-volume alarm
  • Luminous hands with button to light dial
  • Easy to set
  • Protective flip-open cover/stand
  • Operates on one AA battery (not included)
  • Available in Lime or Teal color
This simple battery-operated analog alarm clock wakes you up gently with an ascending-volume alarm that’s easy to set. Turn the alarm knob to set your wake-up time without the complication of AM or PM settings. Flip it open to stand on a table, desk or nightstand. The luminous hands and face accurately display the time with quartz movement precision, and you’ll ease into the waking world with its ascending-volume alarm.

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