Choosing Your Perfect Steamer

Upright? Compact? Handheld? Pick the perfect steamer for clothing and home fabric care.
  • Upright
    • If you attack wrinkles with a vengeance, a passion or often, invest in this full size.
    • It has its own hanging rack to steam big jobs – like a whole blanket or a bedspread.
    • Long hose for steaming household items like drapes, slipcovers, bedding, even mattresses.
    • Up to 60 minutes of steam time can tackle most of your closet and home!
  • Compact
    • Optimal steam + optimal size = a compact steamer that's not afraid to take on big jobs.
    • Stores easily.
    • Maximum portability makes it easy to steam all over the house.
    • Up to 75 minutes of time – steam your heart out.
  • Handheld
    • If you live in a small space or just have too much other stuff in your home, you'll love this handheld model.
    • Travel for business or pleasure? Take along a compact steamer to look good wherever you go.
    • Handles everyday, quick jobs in a jiffy.
    • Up to 15 minutes of steam time in the palm of your hands.