Mold, Mildew: Meet Microban®

A bathroom is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, mold and mildew that cause odors and stains. Conair® Home builds permanent Microban® antimicrobial protection into your showerhead to fight the growth of these damaging microbes. It won't wash off or wear off. Enjoy a cleaner and fresher shower experience!
  • What is Microban Protection?

    • Non-toxic, antimicrobial technology molded into the product to fight odor- and stain-causing bacteria, mold and mildew
    • Microban® penetrates the cell wall of a microbe and disrupts key functions; microbes cannot function, grow or reproduce
    • All products and/or their components are tested and certified by Microban® microbiology labs and registered with the U.S. EPA
    • Microban protection is currently used in hundreds of consumer and commercial products around the world
  • Microban Protection Benefits

    • 75% of consumers prefer to purchase products with antimicrobial protection, according to a 2008 Gallup Poll
    • Antimicrobial protection provides peace of mind for today's heightened awareness of odor- and stain-causing bacteria
    • Mold and mildew resistance reduces the need to replace showerhead components as often. Keeps showerhead cleaner
    • Molded into product to provide a lifetime of antimicrobial protection