Super Simple Garment Steaming

Enjoy perfectly pressed results without an ironing board.

Easier than Ironing!

Here's How:

  • Steam is actually heated water, right? So let's start by filling the reservoir. (Distilled water from your local grocer’s shelves is THE BEST since it helps keep away mineral buildup.)
  • Put on attachment (if you're using one...or see Steaming 2.0 below for advanced techniques).
  • Once steam is ready, point steam nozzle at hanging clothing item with hose and nozzle upright… always upright.
  • Hold fabric taut from the bottom and use gentle, short strokes. Keep moving!
  • Start at the bottom and work your way up the garment or other fabric item to get wrinkles on the run!
  • Still upright? Good!
  • Voila! Wrinkles will fade like magic with nothing up your sleeve (except a crisp crease if you want one).

Things are Getting Steamy in Here

Basics for Beginners and Beyond

  • Are you sure I can steam this? To test an item for steam-worthiness, start with a tiny, inconspicuous area using the LOW setting. Look good? Get steaming!
  • Gravity is your friend: Put shirts on their hangers, hang pants by the cuff, drape linens, handkerchiefs and napkins over a rod or towel rack and keep curtains exactly where they always are. Newton had it right. Gravity will help pull the wrinkles out as steam relaxes the fabric – help it along by holding the fabric taut.
  • From the inside: It might not sound intuitive but some fabrics are best steamed from the underside of the material. When in doubt, turn it inside out.
  • Steam multitasking: Try the multidirectional steam setting for inside. It actually steams both sides of the insides at once. Crazy!

Steaming 2.0

All About Attachments and Challenging Fabrics

What are these things for?: Once you master steaming basics, you'll be eager to advance your steaming skills with attachments. Though not every steamer comes with all of these, here are some of our attachments and what they can do for you:

  • Bristle Fabric Brush – prepares heavier fabrics by helping steam to penetrate fibers for a smoother finish.
  • Lint Brush – like it sounds, helps remove lint, hair and other debris.
  • Creaser – also like it sounds, creates professional-looking creases in pants, on sleeves or wherever you want to look neat and crisp. It will look like it just came from the dry cleaner and no one will know your secret.
  • Soft Cushion Brush – protects fabrics with delicate egos, like silk.
  • Silicone Attachment – holds fabric taut for faster results.
  • Freshening Attachment – quickly gets the stale out to freshen garments.

It's all about the beads: We know you love your beaded, bedazzled, embellished garments but an iron would not be a good idea. Simply turn them inside out and steam from the reverse side only.

Heavy fabrics: These can be stubborn and reluctant to relinquish their wrinkles. Keep at it! Don’t be afraid to resort to slower passes as needed. Sentence thicker, heavier fabrics to the ironing board if necessary. They will concede! (Also see: Bristle Fabric Brush attachment above.)