A Facial Hair Remover That's Not Just for Faces

Life’s Not Fair

Facial hair looks good on guys, not on girls. Not fair, and sometimes pretty embarrassing. But every female face grows a little hair. We’re talking about peach fuzz, hair over the lip, around the hairline, and other stray bits that grow where you don’t want hair to grow. Hair just grows in some places you wish it wouldn’t. And if you don’t want it, it’s got to go. But how?

There are many ways to get rid of unwanted hair. If laser hair removal is a little too intense for you, there are options.

Most of those hair removal methods are time consuming and/or expensive. Though the chemical depilatory creams are affordable and easy to do at home, because they’re messy and have to be reapplied frequently, they aren’t a great solution. Plus, they smell! And waxing can be tough on sensitive skin. It’s painful, usually leaves a little rash, is expensive and takes time, including travel time.

Display photo of the All-In-One Facial Trim System by Conair

Conair has a much better solution for removing unwanted hair, and it’s great for sensitive skin! In fact, you can feel good all over because our Conair® All-in-One Facial Trim System by Conair® doesn’t stop at the face. Unlike competitive facial hair removers, our system comes with attachments that twist on to let you get rid of unwanted hair from lots of other places, too. It runs on one AA battery and is small enough to slip into a purse or gym bag. So, if you miss something or leave in a hurry without time to do a double-check, you can quickly take care of business before a face-to-face encounter or beach date. All you need is a mirror – even a rearview mirror! – and your Conair® Trimmer.

Because every hair you remove will grow back, having a handy little portable hair-removal tool that you can use anytime, anywhere for an instant cleanup offers great peace of mind. In a few minutes, skin can be hair-free and satiny smooth.

Facial Hair Removal First!

A lighted mirror tells the real story about facial hair. Some have 10x or 15x magnification which can be way too much; you don’t need that kind of intense closeup to exfoliate facial hair. With a lighted standard or lower magnification mirror you’ll be able to clearly see what you need to see. Areas around the hairline, especially in front of the ears, and just over the top of the lip may have some hair you’d like to get rid of. Stray hair on other places of your face might appear now and then, too.

Left side image: Model touching face. Right side: Make-up mirror display with facial trim device and other accessories on table.

You never need to worry about nicking that beautiful face—not going to happen! Because facial skin is so sensitive, Conair engineered this hair remover with a nick-free cutting system and hypoallergenic foils to ensure gentle, painless, quick and effortless exfoliation. Not only won’t it nick you, it shaves really close to the skin. You can kiss all that unwanted facial hair good-bye. With attachments designed just for brows, you can also trim and shape eyebrows to follow whatever look is trending—even get rid of unibrows.

Hair Removal Head to Toe

Remember, the best thing about this unique hair-removal innovation from Conair is that it isn’t just a facial hair remover! Unlike the competition, ours comes with attachments to get rid of hair from all sorts of places. The Multi-Use Trimmer attachment, which has its own Detail Comb, lets you instantly remove hair from arms and all those little spots that are easy to miss with a razor. You can even use it on delicate areas. It makes hair removal from just about any place on the body fast, easy and totally painless.

The Perfect Partner for Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal devices can eliminate hair for months, or even years. But it takes multiple treatments because each hair has to be caught in its own individual growth phase to slow down or stop future growth. In between laser hair removal treatments, the Conair® Trimmer can quickly and easily remove those unsightly leftover hairs.

Portable, Pouched and Ready to Travel!

The Conair® Trimmer System is sleek and small enough to keep in a purse. Both trimmer and attachments fit into a handy storage pouch that keeps everything together in one place. That’s smart! And this battery-powered hair remover performs without a plug, so no need to find an outlet. Just take it out of the bag and turn it on. It’s always ready to go.


The first question to ask yourself is: Does hair in certain places on your body bother you? If you like your peach fuzz, keep it! If a little visible facial hair, or hair anywhere, doesn’t bother you, leave it alone! If it does bother you, it’s time to turn on the hair remover.


Hair always grows back, but when to take it off is totally up to you. You can use the All-in-One Facial Trim System by Conair every day if you want to. And don’t worry about hair growing back coarser or faster. That’s a myth!


Left image: Model using rotary shaver. Center: rotary shaver attached to handle. Right: Close-up of rotary shaver attachment

The Rotary Shaver Attachment (above) twists onto the handle and is the perfect tool for hair removal from sensitive facial skin. The nick-free cutting system with its hypoallergenic foils, moves gently over the skin to instantly remove peach fuzz and any unwanted hair without pulling. You don’t even feel it! It’s effortless, quick, and painless. Users say that it leaves their skin feeling softer, smoother and with a little more luster, and that their makeup goes on better!

Left image: Model using eyebrow trimmer. Right side: eyebrow trimmer attachment.

The Rotary Shaver Attachment easily twists off of the handle and the Eyebrow Trimmer Attachment (above) twists on just as easily. Because all brows are different, and everybody has their own style, the Eyebrow Trimmer has two precision cutting blades to shape brows vertically or horizontally. The Eyebrow Trimmer Attachment is ideal for removing any unwanted hair from between the brows, too.

Left image: Model using device with comb guard. Right image: Close-up of comb guard attachment

A Comb Guard (above) that attaches to the Eyebrow Trimmer head evenly trims brow hairs. With the Trimmer and Guard, users can actually sculpt their brows into whatever shape they want. The shape of the face can determine which shape of brow looks best.

Left image: Using multi-use-trimmer on ankle. Right: Close-up of multi-use trimmer.

The “use anywhere” Multi-Use Trimmer (above) is the attachment to put on for a head-to-toe, hair-removal experience. Hair grows all over the body. Some you want to keep. Some you really, really don’t want to keep. This is the attachment to use for hair on the arms, behind the knees, and the back of the ankles, just a few of the places with nooks, crannies and hard-to-reach places that razors often miss. The gentle All-in-One Facial Trim System by Conair even trims delicate areas without pulling, pain, or irritation.

Hands attaching detail comb to trimmer. Right: Close-up of detail comb.

The Detail Comb (above) snaps onto the Multi-Use Trimmer to lift hair as it removes it for an even closer trim.

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