An Easy Alternative to Laser Hair Removal

Long-Lasting Hair Removal vs. Temporary Hair Removal

There are a lot of ways to remove hair. Most people shave it away. But everyone knows that once you start shaving, you can’t stop. Unfortunately, hair keeps growing back and you end up having to shave several times a week, and run the danger of ingrown hairs and skin irritation. Results are quick, gratification is instant, but hair keeps growing – and showing – in places no one wants it to grow or show. And that soft, smooth skin feeling doesn’t last more than a day or two. Even if you can’t see hair you can feel it!

Depilatories aren’t a great solution, either. You have to apply them weekly and they smell bad! Waxing is expensive, can’t really be done at home, and it hurts! And with either method, you’ll see hair coming back within a few weeks.

The solution is to stop hair from growing back. That means getting rid of each hair right where it lives – at its growth source, the hair follicle. Long-lasting hair removal is the way to go, and the IPL method is not just easy and painless, you can do it yourself at home! IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a professional hair depilation technique that sends light right down the hair into the follicle, impeding cell growth so much that hair can’t grow back. With continued use, you will see less and less hair. Eventually, you can put that shaver away, because this is hair removal that lasts a long time!

Lumilisse by Conair® is one of the latest IPL devices that lets users achieve long-lasting hair removal at home. It’s been clinically tested, cleared by the FDA, and is UV Free. Developed and used in Europe for years under the BaByliss® brand, Lumilisse is now available in the U.S.  IPL hair removal technology has been used by physicians and estheticians for over two decades with good results, and scientific studies prove the efficacy and safety of IPL technology.

IPL Hair Removal vs. Laser Hair Removal

The IPL hair removal method is painless, clean and easy, has virtually no side effects, and it’s also affordable because you can do it yourself at home. Though both IPL and laser hair removal methods use light to prevent the follicle from regrowing hair, they are not the same. IPL hair removal uses broad spectrum light instead of laser. It delivers intense pulsed light in a treatment that is both gentle and effective.

Lumilisse by Conair IPL Hair Removal Device

Laser hair removal works with a single wave of light and the series of treatments is most often done by an experienced professional.  Laser hair removal cost can be prohibitive. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of a single laser hair removal session is $235, more than the cost of the Lumilisse by Conair® IPL hair removal device! And sometimes after a laser treatment, skin can look slightly sunburned; the client may need an ice pack or anti-inflammatory cream. In some cases blistering could even occur.

How Does IPL Hair Removal Work

IPL devices are non-invasive, working below the surface of the skin. IPL technology sends flashes of Intense Pulsed Light to the area being treated. It’s called intense, but the sensation is gentle, if you feel it at all.  The light is absorbed by the melanin in hair and converted to heat, then channeled to the root where it impedes hair growth by deactivating the hair follicle.

The Growth Cycle of Hair

Hair grows in cycles. Each  hair, which is held to the body by its follicle, has to be in its growth phase for the follicle to be affected. But growth cycles vary, even for hairs right next to each other, so for the IPL method to be effective, a series of quick and easy sessions are necessary to get to all the hairs in their growth phases!

For maximum hair removal, six to eight treatments at regular intervals are recommended.  The good news is that it’s quick, easy, and painless. And six months after the end of a treatment cycle using the Lumilisse by Conair, you’ll still see over 75% less hair!*

*Results based upon clinical study of legs. Other areas may have different results.

The growth cycle of human hair.

Who Can Use IPL Hair Removal

Men and women with lighter skin tones and darker hair respond best to the IPL hair removal method. It is melanin – the pigment that gives hair color – that absorbs the light. The more melanin in hair, the darker the color, and the more effectively the Intense Pulsed Light is absorbed.  Contrast matters, too, and the dark hair against the lighter skin enhances contrast.  Blondes are finally at a disadvantage because IPL technology will not work on those light hair colors, like blonde or gray. Since darker skin absorbs too much light and may get too hot during a treatment, IPL devices are not recommended for darker skin tones. The Lumilisse IPL Hair Removal device includes a color chart that lets you check your skin tone to determine if the IPL method is right for you.

Men and women can use Intense Pulsed Light to remove unwanted hair from arms, underarms, legs, back, and chest. Most devices are not recommended for sensitive areas, but Lumilisse by Conair® comes with a separate Face/Sensitive Area Head. This customized attachment makes the IPL hair removal method gentle enough to use on the face below the cheekbones as well as on the bikini area. 

Step-by-Step Directions: How to Use an IPL Device

Step One.  24 hours before treatment, carefully shave the area where you want to remove hair and prevent its regrowth. No hair should be visible. IPL hair removal works below the skin’s surface.

Step Two. Determine the right level of light intensity for your skin type on the area being treated. Most units include a color chart to refer to. Conair’s Lumilisse unit has a built-in skin color sensor that reads the skin tone when the device is pressed against skin, then automatically selects the right level of light intensity.

Step Three. Target those follicles! Most IPL devices are activated by a single switch and pressed against skin to deliver the intense pulsed light flashes. The Lumilisse has an easy trigger control. Pressing and releasing the trigger sends flashes of intense yet gentle light into each section, disrupting the follicles of any hair that in its growth phase.

The unit needs to be pressed tightly against skin and moved in a grid-like pattern being careful not to overlap. The user can see a slight indent where the window was pressed into the skin and should be careful not to treat the same section twice.

Step Four. Repeat…later!  When treatments are repeated according to a recommended schedule – usually just 6 to 8 short sessions – most hair follicles will be deactivated and hair will have stopped growing.  When using the Lumilisse by Conair®, you should see 75% less hair even after 6 months!* 

*Results based upon clinical study of legs. Other areas may have different results

Safe and Easy 

When using the Lumilisse IPL hair removal device on the face, remember to remove hair only below the cheekbones. If the bright light is uncomfortable, simply close your eyes or, if easier, wear sunglasses. But be sure you can see the area being treated clearly enough to see the imprint of the light window on your skin so you don’t treat that same section twice.  And you don’t have to worry about “escaping” light flashes if you use the Lumilisse by Conair®The device won’t fire unless it’s pressed correctly and tightly against the skin; any light you might see is light reflected from the device through your skin.

If you ever notice a slight skin irritation after a treatment, a little moisturizing cream should soothe it. Avoid going into the sun right after treatment, and always wear a protective sunscreen.

Why Choose Lumilisse by Conair® Over Other IPL Devices?

  • The Face/Sensitive Attachment Head is gentle enough to allow users to remove facial hair below the cheekbones and hair from the bikini area.
  • The built-in skin color sensor takes the guesswork out of selecting the right light intensity for your skin type.
  • The device cannot fire pulsed light unless it’s firmly against skin, sending all light into the hair follicle.
  • Optical filters on both body and face attachments ensure safe use
  • Lumilisse is clinically tested, cleared by the FDA, and is UV Free.
  • Two speed settings:
    • Precision Mode: manual operation, ideal for first time users.
    • Glide Mode: automatic handling, ideal for more experienced users
  • The long-lasting xenon tube delivers 300,000 flashes for long-lasting performance
  • Price is $229.99, well below other brands whose models sell as high as $400.00

Clinically Tested & Results that Last

Clinical tests have proven that the Lumilisse Hair Remover achieves long-lasting results. Six months after treatment cycle, users experience:

  • Over 75% hair reduction
  • Average 3% reduction in hair growth
  • Average 3% reduction in hair length

*Results based upon clinical study of legs. Other areas may have different results.

For an alternative way to help keep facial and body hair under control, take a look at the Conair® Satiny Smooth® All-In-One Facial TrimSystem. And, visit our complete line of shavers, trimmers and epilators on the website.