How To Choose a Makeup Mirror

People refer to them by different names. Most commonly, they’re known as makeup mirrors, cosmetic mirrors or a girl’s best friend. For men, it’s often called a shaving mirror, useful in the bathroom or shower. When browsing websites and catalogues you may see them called magnifying mirrors or tabletop mirrors. Some of the more elegant sites refer to them as vanity mirrors or pedestal mirrors. There are enough styles, designs and features to let you have a different mirror in every room in your home. Round, oval and square shaped mirrors are designed to stand on tabletops or attach to walls. Some magnify your view, others illuminate it in different light settings, like office or evening. Features may be simply a matter of taste, but some, like magnification and lighting, can impact the usefulness of the mirror for your intended purpose. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing a makeup mirror from Conair.

Mirror Styles and Designs

Conair offers a wide selection of mirrors to suit your individual style and preferences. Metal-framed mirrors designed to stand up on a vanity or table top tend to be a little heavier for increased stability. Finishes, such as polished chrome, oiled bronze, brushed nickel and black matte, are available to match any décor. You can see the full collection online at the Conair Lighted Mirrors page. 

Conair Reflections Double-Sided Oval Mirror with Polished Chrome Table-top Stand

Conair Reflections Double-Sided Oval with Polished Chrome Table-top Stand

Plastic frames and pedestals, and foldable stands make these mirrors ideal for travel and storage. Many lighted models are battery powered.

Conair Plastic LED Double-Sided Mirror - White

Conair Plastic LED Double-Sided Mirror, Battery Operated

Another option is a sleek, modern, rectangular, vanity mirror with touch screen adjustable lighting that lets you view yourself in different lighting environments. A simple tap of the screen rotates the light setting to the next one in a pattern of three settings.

Conair Reflections Lighted Make-up Mirror single panel with LEDs

Conair Reflections Lighted Make-up Mirror, Single Panel with Touch Screen LED Lighting

Lighting that Best Reflects You

Good lighting is the key to clear views when applying makeup, but lighting is different, depending on the environment, time of day and source of the light. How your makeup looks in daylight is much different than it appears in the subdued lighting of a candlelit restaurant.

In choosing a lighted makeup mirror, the more natural light sources are usually better for applying makeup. For simple grooming tasks, such as shaving and combing hair, incandescent lighting is more traditional. Incandescent light tends to be warmer in tone, providing a soft halo illumination. If you apply makeup with an incandescent mirror there is often a second light source in the room which can alter your appearance. Using an LED or fluorescent mirror creates lighting that is closer to daylight and will be brighter. LED and fluorescent bulbs are up to 70% more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent lighting. LED bulbs are lifetime and never need replacing. Fluorescent bulbs can last up to 3 years or 10K hours.

Conair offers a variety of light up mirrors for makeup that use the different types of illumination. There is even a model with multiple panels that lets you view your left and right profiles as well as your straight on view. Touch screen control lets you select from high, medium, low and off settings.

Illuminations Sleek Vanity Mirror with three panels and LED lighting

Illuminations Sleek Vanity Mirror with Three Panels and Touch Screen LED Lighting

Magnifying Mirrors

Most of the cosmetic mirrors and vanity mirrors with lights that you’ll find today are double-sided. One side reflects images at normal size. The other side magnifies the image so you can see fine details close up. Magnification can range on average from 3x to 10x the normal reflection. The enlarged image enables precision application of foundation, eyeliner, mascara, lip color and is ideal for inserting or removing contact lenses. It also enhances the accuracy of hair removal using tweezers and other fine grooming tools.

To determine the magnification power that works best for you, try out a few different models at a store that features Conair magnifying mirrors. Magnification greater than 10x can produce a somewhat distorted image that still might be useful for extremely closeup, detailed work. But you’ll need to be very close to this kind of mirror, so take into consideration where the mirror will be mounted or positioned.

Choosing a Proper Location for Your Mirror

Finding the best and most useful place for your mirror is a lot like real estate—location is everything! If you have a permanent location in mind, a wall-mounted mirror is a great choice. It frees up space on your vanity table or countertop, and the swinging, extendable arm enables you to position the mirror for a comfortable viewing angle. Just be careful to install a wall mounted mirror at the proper height for use while standing or sitting, and make sure it has plenty of room to swing on its positioning arm so as not to interfere with a cabinet, shelf or door. Another benefit is that wall mounted mirrors are safer in busy bathrooms and with kids because they can’t be knocked over.

The table top mirror offers great versatility. Move it and use it anywhere around the house—the bathroom, the bedroom or even outside on a deck or porch where the lighting is natural and bright. Placing one in a bedroom helps keep the bathroom more accessible for others during times of high demand such as mornings before school and work. One idea you might not have considered is to have one on your desk at work to check your hair and makeup during busy work days

Quick Tips for Buying a Makeup Mirror

  1. Metal frame mirrors are heavier than plastic and are more stable on a table top. Plastic is great for travel.
  2. For makeup application, LED or fluorescent lighting will give you a more natural reflection.
  3. LED and fluorescent bulbs are up to 70% more energy-efficient than incandescent lighting.
  4. The more increased magnification, the closer you will have to be to the mirror for a more detailed and less distorted image.
  5. Cosmetic mirrors with adjustable light settings are most versatile when applying makeup for different lighting environments.

Visit the Conair Reflections Lighted Mirrors collection to choose one that’s right for you.