How to Choose the Right Facial Brush for Your Skin

How to Choose the Right Facial Brush for Your Skin

Give Dull Skin the Brush Off!

Girls with the glow. You know who they are! Their skin is smooth, soft and radiant, all the time! How do they do it? Weekly facials? Who’s got the time and money for that? Complicated home remedies? Ditto on the time! As a girl on the go and in the know, a facial skincare brush could be your best bet for great skin! Skincare brushes are highly touted as being an ideal way to clean and exfoliate the skin, and if you take a peek on the glow girls' bathroom counters, chances are you will find one there! For a minor investment of time, money and effort, you too can get glowing!

If you haven’t yet joined the growing ranks of facial skincare brush users, chances are you might just be overwhelmed by the number of choices! There is a dizzying array of brushes available for all different skin types and sorting through them can be a daunting task.

True Glow® by Conair has created an amazing collection of highly effective, easy-to-use skincare brushes, with the perfect brush for everyone, from a tween just starting to explore skincare options to the skincare maven, who’s practically a pro! Here’s the rundown on how to find the right one for you.

Facial skin care tools from Conair

The True Glow® 2-in-1 Facial Cleansing System is ideal for those with sensitive skin that is also on the dry side. Designed with Sonic Advantage to deeply yet gently cleanse pores, the unique design and soft brush allows you to customize your cleansing experience for optimum exfoliation and moisturizing. Plus, there is an eye massager to improve the appearance of tired eyes.

The dermatologist-tested True Glow® Sonic Brush is a great choice for everyone!  Sonic technology powers this high-performance cleansing brush at 300 oscillations per second, making cleanser twice as effective as using cleanser alone without a brush.  It unclogs pores and washes away the embedded dirt and oil that can cause breakouts and dull, patchy, tired-looking skin. This phenomenal sonic brush prepares skin to absorb moisturizers better – and fully moisturized skin is radiant skin. Regular use of the Sonic Brush leaves skin feeling healthier and looking its best.

The True Glow® SKINPOD™ Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush is great for millennials and younger people – it’s affordable, highly portable, and very, very cute! It combats all skin issues with a unique three-zone cleansing  design and uses advanced sonic technology to rebalance, re-energize and refine all of your skincare needs in one device! A standout among sonic skin brushes, SKINPOD™ delivers complete skincare no matter what type of challenge your skin faces every day!

The True Glow® Battery-Operated Brush is also a great entry into the skincare brush category. It brings out the skin's natural vibrancy with spa-style deep cleansing, soothing, moisturizing and gentle exfoliation. It features 2 speeds and a 360-degree rotating brush for a refreshing effect on both face and body, comes with a year’s supply of brush heads and has a handy shower hook. Dorm residents will love how easy it to use and transport in a shower caddy!

OK, you’ve picked the perfect brush, so what else do you need to know? Make sure to choose the right cleanser for your skin type, and avoid cleansers with beads or glycolic acids—you don’t want your skin to OD on exfoliation! A cream, foam or gel cleanser, along with the brush, will get the job done just fine!

A word of caution, however, if you have rosacea, eczema, psoriasis or even just as sunburn: You might want to avoid using a facial brush. Talk to your dermatologist and see what she/he thinks, first.

Check out the True Glow® Collection from Conair and get ready to get glowing!