How to Get Fuller Lips Without Lip Injections

Pucker up, buttercup!

In the world we live in, nothing says “sexy” like full, voluminous lips. And you know you want luscious lips like those infamous sisters of selfie fame! But alas, when you look in the mirror, all you see is a thin, narrow kisser. Lip augmentation is one of the fastest growing, non-surgical procedures in the plastic surgery world. Read on, check out the video and find out more!

Lip Service: Injections, Serums and Masks

So, what’s a girl with a less-than-perfect pout to do? Filler injections? Ouch. That hurts the wallet and the lips! And if you don’t find the right doctor, you can end up looking like a real housewife on a really bad day.

A serum might be more in your wheelhouse. In the early 2000s, there were serums to plump up the pucker.  The only drawback was that to get that bee-stung look, it felt like you had taken a bee sting right in the kisser.  In the old days of lip enhancement, the main ingredient in most serums were irritants, like capsaicin. Yes, capsaicin! That’s the stuff in pepper spray. The goal was to bring blood close to the lip surface to cause mild swelling.  Looked great—felt weird!

If you’re handy with makeup, you could use pencils and lip color and gloss and brushes to create the illusion of full lips, but one sip from your martini glass and it’s all over. All over the glass, that is!

But as more and more people want to pump up the lip volume, enhancement techniques are being continuously improved and perfected. Take those serums, for example. One of the main differences between serums old and new is the addition of hyaluronic acid, touted in the beauty world as the key to smooth, impeccable, hydrated skin. Already found in moisturizers, it’s popular for a number of reasons, including the fact that it is derived from sugar, which makes it pretty unlikely to cause an allergic reaction, and it holds lots and lots of moisture. Hyaluronic acid, or HA as we’ll call it, super hydrates the surface of the lips, “filling” the cells with moisture. Some formulas are meant for a quick, easy fix, and others are meant for long-term use and results.

Lip masks are increasing in popularity, like facial sheet masks, and of course there are a host of suction cup devices which offer a faster, more natural way to enhance what you’ve got. They are easy to use, with just a small learning curve, you control the volume and the results can last for hours, so there is no long-term commitment!

Light Therapy to the Rescue

Light therapy is being used to treat a number of beauty issues, from acne to wrinkles and fine lines to dark spots. So, it was only a matter of time before the power of light was harnessed to make lips look younger and plumper. The True Glow™ Light Therapy Solution – Anti-Aging Lip Care & Plumper works from the inside out to increase firmness, stimulate natural collagen and elastin, and improve circulation. Dermatologist tested and  clinically proven, it enhances overall skin color, texture and tone, and is ideal for dark spots and brightening. Safe for all skin types, the three-minute daily treatment is easy and safe to perform at home.

Image shows front and back of the True Glow™ Light Therapy Anti-Aging Lip Care & Plumper

But volume isn’t the only benefit of light therapy. True Glow™ Light Therapy Solution also tackles pesky problems like vertical lip lines (also known as “smokers’ lines”), lip creases, smile lines and fine lines and wrinkles on and around the lips, by reducing their appearance.

Lips Through the Ages: From Small and Dainty to Pouty and Plump

Did you know that luscious lips weren’t always the thing? Much like body types, ideal lip sizes changed over the years. Just take a look at ancient art and you’ll see what was considered the perfect pucker through the ages. In ancient Egypt, say around 1400 B.C., it was all about the eyes and regal straight noses. Lips? Not so much. In Greece, facial symmetry was the epitome of beauty and perfection – a top lip with Cupid’s bow and full lower lip were the standard, but you’d better hope that each side matched up perfectly. Left and right that is, not top and bottom!

In ancient India, say around 900 A.D., small, full rosebud lips were considered the most kissable. And in the Ming Dynasty (around 1300 A.D.), very, very small, dainty lips were sought after. So much in fact, that the Ming ladies used elaborate painting techniques to cover their own lips and paint smaller ones over them!  Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it? In Nepal, around the same time, small, rounded mouths were desired.

As the Renaissance progressed, you can see that Italian beauties were not emphasizing or highlighting their lips. In paintings, they appeared thin, or non-existent. Mona Lisa may have been a beauty, but while her smile is mysterious, it isn’t what you’d call voluptuous. Take a look at some portraits of German gals from the 1500s.  Lips are getting bigger, but the preferred look is still smaller, which for some reason implied modesty!

18th-century France finds ladies with fuller, pinker lips. And while their lips are more obvious, they are still dainty. Over in Japan, a small, almost invisible mouth was the goal of fashionable ladies. Gibson girls were the beauty ideal in the 1890s, with a full mouth and high Cupid’s bow. But, fast forward to the flappers of the 1920s, and the “Shebas” of the Roaring ‘20s. They were all seeking a huge Cupid’s bow with pointed edges and a small, pouty lower lip. Google “Clara Bow,” the original “It Girl”, and you’ll see what we mean.

In the 1950s, we saw a return to the Grecian ideals of beauty, and a bottom lip bonanza! The swinging ‘60s brought us HUGE eyes, layered with lots and lots and lots of liner, mascara and false lashes top and bottom.  Lips were big, too, but more about line and shape, rather than volume. Remember that famous rock front man of the ‘70s who is still going strong? His trout pout ruled in the “me decade.”  

In the ‘80s, it was all about the teeth. Think about the bodacious blondes gracing the covers of magazines. It was their big, super-white choppers that got your attention, not their lips. (Ever think it’s the continuing strides in modern dentistry that made portrait smiles bigger and broader over the years?  Hmmmm.)

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Which brings us to the current trend, which began in the ‘90s and continues to this day.  So, if you want to jump onto the big lips bandwagon, there are so many ways you can, no matter what’s in your wallet! Go for a quick fix for a night on the town, or a gradual, natural-looking increase in volume. Today, plumper is better. Hey, if you are so inclined, go full on! Take a closer look at the True Glow Light Therapy Lip Plumper on the True Glow Skin Care page at