Nail the Perfect Mani-Pedi

More than a nail kit, this Nail Care Center is a unique all-inclusive nail system with every tool for the perfect mani-pedi at home.  All elements are stored or built inside, including a nail dryer, manicure bowl, and rechargeable nail tool with twelve attachments.
  • Your All-in-One Nail Care Center contains a number of attachments. The coarser discs and plates are ideal for shaping and eliminating ragged edges for a clean finish. The finer cones and plates smooth unsightly ridges. The polishing cone and disc provide the flawless, smooth surface needed for nail polish application and help polish nails to a healthy-looking luster.
  • Pull the power handle up to remove it from the tray attachment.

    The power handle has two interchangeable heads. The rotary head (already attached to the power handle) works with round attachments that spin in a circular motion.  The linear head works with rectangular plates that move in a back-and-forth motion.
  • To soften nails and cuticles before a manicure, pull out the manicurist’s soap dish, fill it with warm, soapy water and soak your finger tips for a few minutes. Dry your hands thoroughly before using the power handle and attachments.
  • After you have attached a head and an appropriate attachment to the power handle, turn the power handle ON and carefully start shaping, smoothing or polishing your nails.
  • After using the Nail Care Center several times, you will find the attachment and speed combinations that give you the results you desire.
  • Your All-in-One Nail Care Center has a nail dryer that will help shorten fresh nail polish drying time. Simply insert your hand into the nail dryer, pushing down slightly. That will start the nail dryer. Check nails after a few minutes to see if polish is dry.