The Ladies Grooming Challenge of Choosing the Right Tool for Hair Removal

Three Conair ladies grooming / hair removal appliances.

Life can get a little hairy at times! Seems like no matter how you spin it, too much body hair in all the wrong places just isn’t attractive or sexy for most women or their partners. Face, legs, underarms and even some intimate places all seem to shine a little brighter when the skin is smooth and hair free.

Regular maintenance is the name of the game when it comes to keeping hair growth in check. Much like mowing the lawn and whacking the weeds, it can be time consuming and inconvenient, but if having the look you desire is a top priority, you make the time and get it done whenever the need arises.

Different hair removal options for women. Shaving cream and razor, facial hair shaver, electric shaver.

Regular maintenance is the name of the game when it comes to keeping hair growth in check

At your disposal are a variety of grooming tools designed especially for your face, legs and sensitive areas. Having a few of these helpers can make the maintenance task much more efficient and a lot less burdensome.

Hair Removal: Temporary, Semi-Permanent or Permanent

If you are not familiar with the grooming choices you have that are above and beyond the razor blade and shaving cream, read on! The technology has reached surprising levels of sophistication to make ladies’ grooming tasks less irritating, less time consuming and much more economical than going to a salon. In essence, you can do it yourself!

Hair removal has two primary pathways you can take. You can perform regular maintenance using a shaver, trimmer or epilator—or you can go for permanent or semi-permanent hair elimination with a technique such as laser hair removal or intense pulsed light (IPL) hair removal technology.

Permanent vs. Semi-Permanent: Laser or Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal

Permanent vs. Semi-Permanent: Laser or Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal

Shaving and trimming are temporary methods of hair removal requiring maintenance weekly or every few days depending on the individual. Laser hair removal can be described as semi-permanent because it can take several treatments to achieve the desired results and annual touch-ups are frequently required to maintain a hair free appearance. Similarly, IPL hair removal can be considered semi-permanent. IPL treatments can reduce the number of hairs, and frequently requires several treatments and touch-ups to keep hair in check. Plus, the more advanced forms of hair removal, such as laser and IPL, don’t work for everybody. It depends on your skin complexion and hair color. More about that later.

There’s another method for hair removal known as electrolysis. This procedure attempts to destroy the hair follicle using chemicals, heat or electric current. A very fine probe is inserted into the hair follicle to deliver the treatment, then the hair is removed with tweezers. Despite the availability of home electrolysis kits, the process is done more effectively and safely by a professional electrologist and is usually quite expensive. Electrolysis can be painful, but the results are most often permanent. The U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers electrolysis a permanent method for hair removal because it destroys the hair follicle.1

Which Grooming Tools are Right for You?

Getting tired of the shaving cream and razor routine with all the nicks and irritation? Plus, what about those little red bumps that develop in sensitive areas the next day? Well, you have options! Electric shaver and trimmer technology has advanced in both quality and convenience to provide results that rival what you can get with a razor. Cordless models can be battery operated or rechargeable and some have interchangeable attachments for hard-to-reach places, and precise shaping and detailing. Consider some examples to figure out what’s right for you.

A Word About Battery Power: Replaceable vs. Rechargeable

For the most part, gone are the days when shavers and trimmers for ladies had a cord and plug to connect directly to a wall outlet. Most grooming tools, not including high powered stylers such as dryers and curling irons, are battery powered using either replaceable batteries or rechargeable ones. Lithium Ion batteries are most commonly used in these kinds of devices.

Cordless is definitely the way to go when it comes to body hair removal. But, is there a significant difference when it comes to battery types? Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting a grooming device: 

Devices That Use Replaceable Batteries: 

  • Usually cost less than those with rechargeable batteries.
  • Ongoing cost to buy replaceable batteries as they expire.
  • Need to be disposed of in an environmentally safe way.
  • As replaceable batteries lose power, performance lessens.

Devices That Use Rechargeable Batteries:

  • Usually cost more that those with replaceable batteries.
  • Don’t need to be replaced.
  • At the end of the device’s useful life, must be disposed of in an environmentally safe way.
  • Provide more power than replaceable batteries for better performance.

Shavers: Quick and Convenient

Can you really get a close shave with an electric shaver? The challenge for engineers has always been trying to match the stubble free smoothness you get with shaving cream and a safety razor. Several of the newest shaver designs appear to have many people convinced. Plus, the time saving convenience of an electric shaver adds to its appeal.

Take a look at the Conair® Cordless/Rechargeable Shaver. Designed with hypoallergenic foils that minimize irritation, this advanced technology shaver is crafted to follow the contours of your body for smooth, thorough removal of unwanted body hair. The NO-SLIP GRIP™ handle fits perfectly in your hand, making it easier to shave hard-to-reach areas and precisely trim sensitive areas. It can be used wet or dry. This shaver leaves your skin smooth and soft to the touch. Plus, the cordless convenience makes it great for travel.

Satiny Smooth Cordless/Rechargeable Shaver

Conair® Cordless/Rechargeable Shaver

For a little more versatility, the Conair® All-In-One Shave & Trim System features the Cordless/Rechargeable Shaver (described above) with those hypoallergenic foils for exceptional closeness with  less irritation. But this all-in-one system includes a detail trimmer and eyebrow attachment for cosmetic touch-ups, plus an adjustable comb for precise shaping, and a bikini trimmer for gentle trimming of sensitive areas.

Satiny Smooth® All-In-One Shave & Trim System

Conair® All-In-One Shave & Trim System

There’s another innovative shaver that combines wet/dry shaving and skincare in one battery operated device. The Conair® All-In-One Ladies' Personal Groomer features a precision trimmer for the longer hair tasks and a shaving foil attachment for close, stubble free smoothness without nicks. In addition, this personal groomer has an exfoliating brush attachment for applying moisturizer and conditioning your skin after shaving.

Conair® All-In-One Personal Groomer

Conair® All-In-One Ladies' Personal Groomer

You can view the entire collection of shavers from Conair on the Beauty + Skincare page of the Conair website.

The Epilator if You Dare

An epilator does what a shaver or a trimmer cannot do. It removes hair below the skin surface, but it comes at a cost, and we’re not necessarily talking about a financial one. The epilator works by grasping the hairs and pulling them out down to the roots. If you’ve ever tried waxing, you can probably imagine what it feels like to use an epilator. Yes, it stings, but the result might be worth the discomfort for some. Because the hair is removed from the root below the skin surface, there is no stubble and the hair does not grow back as quickly. The skin is left almost completely hair free and smooth depending on the number of passes you can tolerate.

To begin your epilating experience, you might want to try the Total Body Duo Epilator from Conair. This device features 40 tweezers to quickly remove even the finest hair at the root. You can use it on your body, arms and legs, for results that can last up to six weeks before you’ll need to epilate again. The Total Body Duo Epilator includes a washable, sensitive skin attachment for easy hair removal on your most delicate areas, such as underarms and bikini area.

Satiny Smooth® Total Body Duo Epilator

Conair® Total Body Duo Epilator

Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology uses a high-powered light generating device to destroy parts of the hair follicle to impede the growth cycle of the hair. These treatments can remove a percentage of the hairs over a given skin area, but will not result in permanent removal of all the hair. IPL works best for darker hair color on lighter skin tones, so it’s not ideal for everyone.

The Lumilisse by Conair™ IPL Hair Removal Device is a clinically tested and UV free system that offers , painless removal of hair from arms, underarms, legs, bikini area. There’s a separate attachment for facial hair for use below the cheekbones. Extra caution must be taken to avoid the eye area. The Lumilisse is also suitable for back and chest hair on men although it is not suitable for men’s beards. separate attachment for facial hair is included, for use below the cheekbones. Over time, with continued IPL use, more hair will be treated. Lumilisse has 2 speed modes. It also includes a Skin Color Sensor which reads the skin tone of the targeted area and automatically adjusts the light intensity. Even 6 months after treatment ends, you should see over 75% less hair.2

Lumilisse by Conair™ IPL Hair Removal Device

Lumilisse by Conair™ IPL Hair Removal Device

You can learn more about IPL hair removal in the article An Easy Alternative to Laser Hair Removal.

Special Attention for Facial Hair

Your face is one of those sensitive areas that requires a little tender loving care. So, using the same type of shaver you use for your legs is definitely not the best option. That’s why companies such as Conair engineer grooming tools specially designed for women. Take a look at the Conair® All-In-One Facial Trim System.

Satiny Smooth® All-In-One Facial Trim System

Conair® All-In-One Facial Trim System

It quickly and painlessly removes unwanted hair on your face and other delicate areas for smooth, beautiful and nick-free results. The shaver uses hypoallergenic foils for less irritation, and it can be used  wet or dry. It comes with 5 versatile attachments: the rotary shaver helps remove unwanted facial hair on delicate areas like upper lip, chin or cheeks; the multi-use hair trimmer provides a close, comfortable shave on legs, underarms or bikini area; the eyebrow trimmer can help you shape the perfect brow; while the eyebrow comb lets you finish, groom and define brows.

If you would like additional details on the Conair® All-In-One Facial Trim System, check out the article A Facial Hair Remover That’s Not Just for Faces. You can see the complete collection of hair removal tools for women including shavers, trimmers, and epilators on the Beauty + Skincare page on the Conair website.

Those Hard to Reach Places

What are those hard to reach places? Well, basically there are only two, the nose and the ears. Yes, even women—some women have unwanted hair in the nose and ears. These are also two places where laser and IPL hair removal devices can offer no help. Tweezers might be okay for the ears depending on the extent of the problem, but for most ladies trimming is the best option available.

Conair has something new to address this “hard to reach” issue designed with women in mind. The True Glow Ear/Nose Trim System features an advanced 360-degree rotary bevel cutting system, with a patent pending, that eliminates pulling, nicks and cuts. Sized perfectly for the nose and ear, it is cordless and battery-operated. It makes those hard-to-reach places easy and safe to keep neat and trimmed. Coming soon!

There’s another option that gives you a little more versatility in addition to the nose and ears trim capability. The Conair® Ladies Lithium Ion Personal Trimmer is a rechargeable grooming tool you can use all over from head to toe. The wide trimming blade is perfect for precise, full body grooming. It has 2 eyebrow combs for precise shaping and an attachment for ears and nose. It’s an all-in-one solution.

Conair Satiny Smooth® Ladies Lithium Ion Personal Trimmer

Conair® Ladies Lithium Ion Personal Trimmer

You Have Options!

So when hair grows in all the wrong places, having the right solution can make all the difference. Look at all the options you have and make the choice that’s best for you. Maybe it’s time to toss the blade and the shaving cream. With the right tools, keeping body and facial hair in check can be easy and quick. Visit the Beauty + Skincare page on the Conair website to discover the wide range of solutions for hair removal, skin cleansing, mani and pedicures, light therapy, makeup mirrors and more. Come and see. We have lots to show you. 

1 U.S. Food and Drug Administration,

2 Results are based on a clinical study of legs. Other areas may have different results.