How Luggage Scales Prevent Overpacking

Who needs a luggage scale? You do! A luggage scale is one of those essential items for frequent travelers. Once you get one, you'll wonder how or why you ever traveled without one. Don't believe us? See if you fall into any of these categories:


Do you love to see the world? Si, oui and ja! Then you know that weight restrictions vary by airline. Bring a luggage scale on your travels and no matter where you're going, you can always be sure to avoid overweight baggage fees. Perfecto!

Have Kids, Will Travel

Toys, baby monitors, books, snacks – essential travel items for kids can add up, big time. When you have several bags packed to the gills, a scale can help you properly distribute weight before you get to the airport. So you can focus on your kids at the check-in desk – and not on transferring diapers between suitcases.


Admit it – you're an overpacker. You can't decide which outfit to wear, so you pack both. You want to be prepared, so you pack sunscreen and rain boots. But packing to the extreme doesn't mean you have to get weighed down by heavy baggage fees. Weigh before you go, and you can make the tough decision to leave the down jacket at home on your next trip to Miami.

Souvenir Lovers

Cowboy boots from Texas, sweaters from Ireland, pottery from Mexico. Mementos are a wonderful way to remind you of your trip, but they can really load down a suitcase. Weigh your bag before you leave the hotel, and you'll know if you need to transfer items between bags or buy a small tote bag to carry things on the plane.

Shy Types

Hate showing everyone your underwear? Not a fan of trotting out your toiletries in front of strangers? Weigh your luggage beforehand – and avoid having to transfer personal items between bags at the check-in counter. Because no one else needs to know your favorite brand of deodorant.