Luggage Tags Help Prevent Lost Luggage

Worried about losing your luggage? Don't fret. Put these 5 TIPS into action before you travel to ensure you and your lost bags are reunited.

  • Attach a durable luggage tag to the outside of your luggage with your written or typed contact info on it. This is an obvious one, but you'd be surprised how many people forgo this practice. Invest in a durable luggage tag that won't easily get torn off.
  • Include your address, phone number and your email address on your luggage tag. If you're traveling internationally – or if your bag inadvertently ends up in Timbuktu – it will be a lot easier for the airline to contact you via email rather than phone.
  • Attach a brightly colored ribbon, distinctive stickers, a colorful luggage lock, or travel tag to your bags. Something distinctive will make it easier for you to describe your lost luggage to the airline, and could make it easier for the airline to find your luggage.
  • Include your contact information on the inside of your bag. Even if you have a luggage tag on your bag, it's always smart to be extra-prepared. Sometimes the sturdiest of luggage tags are no match for airport luggage transfer logistics. Use an extra luggage tag and secure it to an easy-to-find internal spot. Or write your contact information on a piece of paper and include it in your bag. If your luggage tag somehow falls off, there will be immediate clues to help the airline find you!
  • Take a photo of your bags, its contents, and your luggage claim check. Photo evidence could help the carrier find your bag, and it could help you itemize your items in the unlikely event your luggage goes missing for good and you have to file a claim with the airline.